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The bundle program price/registration includes all CPD events mentioned within. No additional purchase, subscription or registration is required.

6 CPD Bundle   2019  $45

    1. The key elements of inadmissibility based on medical or misrepresentation grounds, related consequences and remedies -        (4 CPD Hours) ICCRC Approved. 
    2. Preparing applicants and applications to submit interest to sponsor parents - (3 CPD Hours) ICCRC Approved. 
    Cost*:  CAD 45, plus HST/GST    Register Online  

    ICCRC Approved CPD Bundles  

    Access instructions will be provided instantly via email upon successful registration. Once registered and paid, check your email inbox or spam folder for instructions and copy of paid invoice. Returning user click here to access and edit your profile or copy of invoice(s).   24/7 Online Support     

    Access to all programs will be available instantly for required CPD credits /claim upon successful registration. How to claim CPD from ICCRC

    *CDES Reserves the right to make changes in bundle fees with or without notice.

    Bundle program access support

    • All bundles are in video format, you will not have access to live presentation nor such is required. CPD Videos are approved by ICCRC for all members including RISIA. You may access videos 24/7 online anytime until December 31 within respective registration year. 
    • Once registered and paid, first you must log out and then log in again, bundle program Log in Button is available on top left corner, above CPD logo. Once logged in you should automatically be directed to the program access/landing page. Simply stay on the same page and you will have all bundle program and related information on the first landing page. 
    • If you navigate away from the main bundle landing page, simply lot out and log in again. Or if you are logged in and cannot see your bundle program details, you have to log out from top left corner link and then log in again.
    • If you purchase a CPD bundle, you will not need to purchase/pay/register for an individual CPD event again which is included in bundle.
    • To access your invoices/account statement or update profile/contact details you may use links from same log in section available on top left corner above the CPD logo. (For Active Registrant Only)


    If you have purchased a bundle in video format, you will not have access to live presentation nor such is required. CPD Videos are approved by the ICCRC.  You can access videos 24/7 online anytime.

    Simply log into your profile, and you will have all bundle program-related information on the first landing page. If you navigate away from the main landing page, simply lot out and log in again.
    1. The bundle program price includes all CPD events mentioned within. No additional purchase or registration is required.
    2. Bundle Program registration is not prorated.
    3. This registration is only for the current year and will end on December 31, regardless of the date of your registration. For example, if you register for this program on December 29, the access to program resources and this registration will end on January 1.
    4. You will have instant access to all documentation and programs to claim CPD credits according to the regulator's CPD regulations.
    5. There is no refund or exchange once instructions to access the program have been delivered by the system.  24/7 Online Support

    Record/Profile Keeping: If you have purchased a program between January 1 and  December 31 within a respective calendar year, we have your records saved, and you do not have to create a new account. We do not keep or will have your record of registration or invoices/profile after January 15 of the following year year. This is deleted by the system automatically every year. For example, if you have registered a program between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018, the profile and registration record will be deleted by the system by January 15, 2019. This means that the system will delete or archive your profile on January 15, 2019. You cannot log in to your profile by using the previous email or login credentials. If you wish to purchase a new program or event, you may have to create a new profile again for the current year. Simply select your program and proceed with registration.

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