Study Permit Applications: Common Mistakes and How to Address the Refusals

  • 26 Sep 2019
  • 25 Dec 2019
  • Format - Video CPD


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Study Permit Applications: Common Mistakes and How to Address the Refusals

Accreditation Status:LSBC Approved  ICCRC Approved

Location/Format:  Video CPD

Presented By: 

Educator(s): Ms. Panya (Praskovia) Jain (RCIC)

This program is eligible for up to _3_ CPD Hours 

Learning Expectations/Goals for the Seminar and Terminology

  • Student Direct Stream and SP Medical and Educational Fields: Eligibility for International Students
  • Language Proficiency
  • LOA and Proof of Payment
  • Minors in Canada and Guardianship
  • Medical Insurance Medical Exams and Biometrics Country Specific Instructions Online and Paper Applications
  • Financial Guarantee and Guarantor
  • Accommodation and Basic Needs Misrepresentation
  • WP and Work Eligibility for Students on SP
  • Co-op programs, Internships and Apprenticeships

Assessing Clients’ Eligibility (PREQUALIFYING)

1.Student Specific: DLI, length and type of the program, NOC, current points and program intake/requirements, client specific points, etc.

2.General: Inadmissibility, Inland/outland, dependents, status in Canada, funds, work experience, age, etc.

How to Approach Mistakes and Refusals:

  • Proactive: Submission Letter to outline all the points
  • Common Mistakes: DLI, Age, Custody, Financials, Language Benchmarks, Timing, Criminal Check
  • Country Specific Instructions not Followed
  • Financial Guarantee/Guarantor
  • Incomplete LOA: Dates, Financial,, Length, Type of a Program
  • Family Members: When to put the Application Together?

Refusals and How to Address Them (Retroactive):

  • Refusal Grounds: Financial, Immigration, Medical,

Inadmissibility, Misrepresentation, Errors in Paperwork,

  • Appeal or Reapply?
  • Submission Letter: How to Present and Address the Refusal in a New

SP Application

  • Our Fees: How to Approach if Resubmission is Selected, Legal Implications andthe New Contract
  • When to Cease the Representation?

This seminar is designed for licensed paralegals and Immigration Consultants; some lawyers will also be in attendance.

·         Live-webcast format: Attendees in live webcast will have an opportunity to interact with colleagues
and educator(s)/presenter(s), ask questions and seek feedback during the live program.
·         DVD/Video Format: Attendees will also have an opportunity to interact with each other and the
instructor after the live session via a live interactive web forum at no extra cost.

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