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Bundle program access support

  • All bundles are in video format, you will not have access to live presentation nor such is required. CPD Videos are approved by CCIC (formerly ICCRC) for all members including RISIA. You may access videos 24/7 online anytime until June 30 within respective registration year. 
  • Once registered and paid, first you must log out and then log in again, bundle program Log in Button is available on top left corner, above CPD logo. Once logged in you should automatically be directed to the program access/landing page. Simply stay on the same page and you will have all bundle program and related information on the first landing page. 
  • If you navigate away from the main bundle landing page, simply lot out and log in again. Or if you are logged in and cannot see your bundle program details, you have to log out from top left corner link and then log in again.
  • If you have purchased a CPD bundle, you do not need to purchase/pay/register for an individual CPD event again which is included in bundle.
  • To access your invoices/account statement or update profile/contact details you may use links from same log in section available on top left corner above the CPD logo. (For Active Registrant Only)
  • Member is responsible to verify the expiry of video CPD event from CCIC (formerly ICCRC) Website.

Common support-related questions and answers

Our standard service response time is 24–48 business hours.

All support service is received and delivered via email only. There is no support ticket system, or such process involved.

Unsubscribe from mail list: If you wish to unsubscribe from our general email campaign list, simply use this link and apply;

Telephone support is by appointment only.

Updated Record/Profile Keeping Policy: If you have purchased a program between January 1 and  December 31 within a respective calender year, we have your records saved, and you do not have to create a new account. We do not keep or will have your record of registration or invoices/profile after respective registration term/year. This is deleted by the system automatically every year. For example, if you have registered a program between January 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021, the profile and registration record will be deleted by the system by July 15, 2021. This means that the system will delete your profile on January 15, 2019. You cannot log in to your profile by using the previous email or login credentials. If you wish to purchase a new program or event, you have to create a new profile again for the current year. Simply select your program and proceed with registration.  

    • The live web based event is via the web for webinar registrant only (Not for Bundle or Video CPD) and for the date and time associated with that event.
    • The video event is a recording of a live event which is made available on or after the date of a live presentation to access 24/7 online via web and you may access the course until December 31 within a same respective year of purchase. Videos can be watched on mobile & smart devices.
    • Both formats are approved by the regulator and carry equal value in terms of CPD credits.
  1. The bundle program price/registration includes all CPD events mentioned within. No additional purchase, subscription or individual event registration is required.
  2. Access to all programs will be available instantly for required CPD credits /claim upon successful registration. How to claim CPD from ICCRC
  3. How to pay: CDES Accepts online payment via all major credit cards including AMEX, Master or Visa Card; (Instant registration). We do not accept any other method at this time.
  4. Access to Bundle Programs:   This registration is only for the current term/year and will end on June 30, 2022, regardless of the date of your registration. For example, if you register for this program on July 1, 2020 or after, the access to the bundle programs will end on June 30 , 2022.
  5. How did CDES get registrant’s email address?: We use general public sources to gather information about our customers, such as social media, search engines, business websites, and blogs, and we sometimes request stakeholders for a recommendation.  Once you receive any communication from CDES, you do have an option to opt out from our database and mailing list automatically. You may use this link to unsubscribe from our general mailing list, or send your name and email address to support staff via email and we will do that manually.  In any event, CDES fully respects your privacy and applies all laws in this matter. Please use the above link for the privacy policy, covering further details.
  6. I have accidentally deleted registration confirmation email notification/invoice: No worries, if you have purchased a program between Januray 1 and  December 31 within respective year, we have your records, simply send your full name, email address and course title or invoice number and we will resend the required information at no extra cost. We do not keep or will have your record of regsitration or invoices/profile after June 30, 2021 within respective registration year. This is deleted by the system automatically every year.
  7. I did not receive any registration notification at all: First please check your email account including spam folder. If you still cannot find it, it is most likely that you may have entered an incorrect email account when registering your course.  Simply send your full name, current working email address and name of the course with the date of registration and we will look into that.
  8. I have received registration notification, but did not get the copy of paid invoice: Invoices are generated by the system and sent to registrant via email instantly. Please check your email account again including spam folder. If you still cannot find it, and you have paid the invoice in full and have a number, simply email the invoice number and we will resend the copy of invoice. if you have purchased a program between Januray 1 and  December 31 within respective year, we have your records. We do not keep or will have your record of regsitration or invoices/profile after December 31 within respective registration year. This is deleted by the system automatically every year.
  9. What if I have paid twice for the same program?:  Simply send us your full name, email address and the program name or invoice numbers; we will issue a full refund back to your card.
  10. Can I change the course/program?: Yes. If you have signed up for a course or program which has not been presented yet, we can entertain your request. Simply send us required details via email. If the program has been presented and is available for access and you have received the instructions to access, then it is not possible due to our policy.
  11. I cannot access the live online course: To access the live online course, registrant must follow instructions provided in the registration confirmation notification delivered to you instantly after completing the registration.
  12. System requirements to attend the online courses:  Registrant must have certain minimum system requirements, such as a working computer with Windows or Mac operating system, headphones or speakers or microphone, laptop or smart phone / mobile device which is less than five years old, and DSL-speed Internet connection.
  13. I missed a live online course; can I get a free video recording?: Yes, just send your request via email with brief reasons for your absence and we will send you the video and also fix your invoice settings to reflect such changes.
  14. What if the regulatory body denies my CPD claim?  No worries, simply provide us the proof of such refusal with reasons of denial, and if they fall in our representation, we will issue a full refund back to your card in 48 business hours.

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