Tips and Best Practices for Residency Obligation Appeals Under A28 (Video CPD 3 Hours)

  • 3 May 2021
  • 3 Aug 2021
  • Video CPD


Tips and Best Practices for Residency Obligation Appeals Under A28

Location/Format:  Video CPD  3 Hours ICCRC APPROVED

Presented By:  Ms. Panya (Praskovia) Jain  (RCIC)

Event Objectives:

This video seminar/workshop is designed to cover the comprehensive process of Residency Obligation appeals under A28 in Canada and overseas/outside of Canada.


1. The learners will understand the steps and key concepts when assisting clients with Residency Obligation Appeals Under A28 inland and overseas.

2. The learners will understand the key terminology and how it is applied to a variety of the Residency Obligation cases.

II. Terminology and the key concepts for the seminar

• Foreign national for the purpose of PR (Permanent Residency)

• Residency obligations

• PR Card

• Length of stay

• 730 days and five years

• Family members and how they are affected

• Eligibility for Renewal

• Appeals and rights

• Admissibility

• Inadmissibility

• ARC applications and grounds

• PR renouncing

• Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations

• Hearing and examination

• Submissions

Residency obligation requirements and procedures.

1. How to assess the clients: the complete approach to the Residency obligations and available appeals in Canada and overseas.

2. ENF 23 Loss of permanent resident status (IRCC Manuals)

3. OP 10 Permanent Residency Status Determination (IRCC Manuals)

4. ENF 4 Port of entry examinations (IRCC Manuals)

5. H and C process and what is the background. Communicating by email at the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

6. The Appeal process and the required documents, forms and the evidence.

7. How to prepare the client for the interview.

8. When to renounce the PR. Guide 5781 – Applying to Voluntarily Renounce Your Permanent Resident Status

This seminar is designed for licensed paralegals and Immigration Consultants; some lawyers will also be in attendance.

·         Live-webcast format: Attendees in live webcast will have an opportunity to interact with colleagues
and educator(s)/presenter(s), ask questions and seek feedback during the live program.
·         DVD/Video Format: Attendees will also have an opportunity to interact with each other and the
instructor after the live session via a live interactive web forum at no extra cost.

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