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Sample Agendas and forms: 

Note: For LSBC and ICCRC submission we only require an agenda template duly filled with required information related to each topic    

administrative Policy for educators and related role

CPD Administrator/Liaison:

  1. Upon request of the CDES "Course manager," you will be responsible for reviewing the regulated body's related regulations and procedures and will recommend the next step to apply for consideration.
  2. Review of the regulatory body rules for CPDs may require you to communicate directly with the staff of the regulatory body from time to time during the submission and consideration process. If this communication is via email, you will BCC (blind carbon copy) all communication to "ani.h@cdecanada.com" If it is via telephone, notes and record will be communicated to the same email address later.
  3. All submissions for CPD approval will be through my office in accordance with your recommendations and guidance.
  4. CDES may request you to prepare the submission forms on our behalf, which will be submitted by my office once a final copy is received from you.
  5. IF CDES is communicating with the regulated body for the same purpose, CDES will copy all communication to you.
  6. Any inquiry from the member or the regulatory body concerning corporate information, support, accounting, or a matter which is not related to CPD accreditation should be directed via email to "manager@cdecanada.com".
  7. The billing of all work completed must be submitted via email to accounts@cdecanada.com on a weekly basis.
  8. Bills are paid in three business days.

CPD Educator:

  1. An educator may recommend via email to "ani.h@cdecanada.com" any topic(s) with brief learning objectives and areas to cover along with the proposed date and time of presentation. 
  2. CDES may also request the educator to select from the list of topics available on the CDES website with predefined date and time of presentation.
  3. Once the request is received or communicated, either party will confirm the same within 24 business hours.
  4. Once the topic is confirmed, it will then be prepared and submitted to the regulatory body for approval by my office.
  5. Once approved, the educator will be notified of such status, and if a followup is required, it will be referred to the Liaison officer for further review and action.
  6. Educator will be responsible for managing his/her time and make him/herself available on the date and time of presentation.
  7. If, for any reason, the educator is not available to present the event, it will be either cancelled for another date or presented by a substitute educator.
  8. The educator must inform CDES of non-availability, prior to 48 business hours before the date of presentation.
  9. The billing of all work completed must be submitted via email to accounts@cdecanada.com upon completion of the course.
  10. Bills are paid in three business days from the time they are received.

Information on this page is for designated staff use only and must not be shared with any student or other party.

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